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Still To Do

  • Book accommodation in Athens
  • Pack
  • Finishing cleaning out bedroom for housesitters
  • Clean house for house sitters
  • Write out instructions re animals for housesitters
  • Pick up tickets from travel agent
  • Figure out what we do re frequent flyer etickets – do we need anything printed out?
  • Practice using the Kids Fly Safe/CARES contraption on a dining chair for (and with) mikaela, so we can install it quickly and easily in the plane.
  • Sort out how the car is getting home from the airport.
  • And what the cars are doing during our absence.
  • Email the person we’ve never met who’s offered to have us to stay in Manhatten, to confirm details.
  • Order SafeRider for Mikaela to be sent to his house, to use in cars in the states.
  • Sign up for last pass or something similar and figure out how it works.
  • Get travel ($$) cards
  • Get Liam (and Mikaela?) a travel journal
  • Figure out what to do about phones/sims
  • Print out itinerary & photocopy passports and travel insurance to leave with people here.
  • Deal with frickin family lice infestation, once and for all!!
  • Sinc iPod.
  • Do taxes!
  • Figure out how we are going to carry passports and travel docs with us
  • Print put paraphernalia re CARES & Elli’s carseat, Inc airline/FTA regs re using them.
  • Get some sleep!
  • Did I mention, Clean House?

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