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Visiting Forster, on the New South Wales Mid-North Coast

Forster, NSW, is a delightful coastal town ideal for families looking for a beach vacation, along with a variety of unique near-by local attractions and boating activities.

Forster Highlights and Features

Green lawns of a golf course with palm trees throughout, and sand dunes in the background

Looking across the golf course at Forster to the sand dunes at the end of the One Mile Beach.

  • The best time to visit Forster depends on the activities you are planning. Forster weather, according to my grandfather who lived there for about 40 years, is paradise all the time.
  • Summer average maximum temperatures are around 27 degrees Celsius, while winter temperatures range from around 8 or 9 degrees overnight, to an average of around 18 in the day.
  • Forster Main Beach and One Mile Beach are Forster’s main beaches. Both have car parks, toilets and BBQ facilities. Forster Main Beach also has an enclosed pool ‘nestled’ into the break wall, known as Forster Ocean Baths.
  • Families interested in camping can visit the Booti Booti National Park, where they can also bike and hike through some spectacular scenery.
  • Take a tour of the Great Lakes Winery to try some local wines.
  • Go on a morning dolphin watching cruise aboard the Amaroo and watch hundreds of common dolphins mass offshore. A spectacular sight.
  • Car enthusiasts will enjoy The Curtis Collection Vintage Car Museum. You can look at the first Australian car, artifacts from the two World Wars, vintage motorcycles and much more.
  • There are lots of boat charters in Forster for families interested in fishing for bream, whiting and salmon.
  • At the Ton O Fun park, kids can enjoy paddle-boat and train rides, exhilarating water slides and riding on quad bikes.


Forster’s One Mile Beach has good surfing at the Northern end, while it is patrolled (October through April) at the Southern end. It can also be hazardous for the unwary, with persistent rips.


Classic curvey beach photo, with a strip of people swimming in the middle where the beach is patrolled, and a beach umbrella in the foreground

Forster Main Beach is known for good surf, and has a patrolled area in the swimming months (October – April).


large rectangular pool built into a break wall with grass on one side and waves breaking just beyond.

The Forster Ocean Baths is at the end of Forster Main Beach closest to the change rooms and has a large grassy area on one side.

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2 Responses to Visiting Forster, on the New South Wales Mid-North Coast

  1. diane on January 27, 2012 at 2:10 pm

    isn’t forster on the mid north coast woudn’t call it central coast

    • Kirsten on January 28, 2012 at 10:06 am

      You’re right Diane. Somehow the North Coast always seems so far away to me (in Canberra) that I think of Forster as central, but I’m reliably informed that I’m wrong! So I’ve changed the title. Thanks.

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