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2011 Round the World

New York City Adventures: Central Park, Morningside Park, and Ice Cream!

looking down at central park through the window of an apartment across the road

New York was awesome, though very short. Central Park would take days and days to explore properly and we only had one. We were incredibly lucky to stay with a friend of a friend on the Upper West Side, right across the road from Central Park.
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Snow by the Side of the Road

snow on pine trees by the side of the road as we wizz past

On the way back from Portland, heading over the mountains into California, there was a lot of snow which had fallen in the few days since we passed this way going up. It was really lovely. This was in early November 2011. Almost a year ago already. Related Posts:Yosemite National Park – Photo Blog...
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Guell Park, Barcelona. Photo Blog.

Guell Park, Barcelona. Photo Blog.

For me Park Guell was one of the highlights of Barcelona, though once again I was struck by the absence of park-like spaces the way we know them in Australia. You could sit on benches, including the beautiful mosaic benches shown below, but there were no big open grasses spaces to sit. There was...
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San Francisco with Kids – Golden Gate Park

large pond with trees and autumn foilage reflected in it, and stone bridge or path to one side with a small boy in it

We picked a fabulous day to visit the city, with blue skies and a warm sun. Although San Francisco is famed for being warmer in the fall than in summer, usually by November the chill is setting back in. Not today. We spent most of our time sitting in the sun at the childrens...
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Monterey Daze

Small child paddling in a shallow river with a footbridge in the background

(Actually, we’re staying in Seaside, not Monterey, but it all runs together…) One of the great things about visiting with good friends is that even when it’s been nearly eight years since you last saw them, once you get together it just seems like yesterday. It’s weird in a way. You spend so long...
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Travelling with Children is Awesome

three children hand in hand walking with their father under a bridge in Central Park, seen from behind

I’m so proud of my children. It’s true that some days the two big ones have driven me up the wall with their bickering, but all in all they have been doing very well, charming people right left and centre, and all three of them have coped with the long plane rides amazingly well....
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Whirls and bumps on planes and airport shuttles

One of the nice things about traveling with kids, is the laughter that bubbles up when boring adults would be dozing or staring into space. We left our hotel in NYC via an airport shuttle at 6am today, when it was still dark, and also rainy. Ours was the last stop at the airport...
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Karpathos Day 3: Meeting the Neighbours, plus Photo Blog of Lefkos Beach

The sunset colours the waters of lefkos beach, as seen from above on the road coming in.

There is a house right next to ours in Pyles, with a large courtyard out the front, where the children and I have just been entertained with pomegranates, chocolate wafer bars and stories of the owner’s grandchildren and his renovation woes. He is currently renovating the house (and not, I think, living there), and...
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Pigadia & Small Amopi Beach, Greece Day 2

Looking along the small amopi beach - umbrellas on the sand, water crystal clear

Today was our second full day in Greece, and the 12th day of our trip, and the tension was a little high. The kids were a bit ratty – grumpy and fighting – on and off all day, and perhaps we were too. I think part of it, especially for Liam, was probably that...
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Karpathos, Greece, Day 1 (or, Hopping to a Greek Island)

Two little girls, one a toddler, , seen from behind on a blue and white balcony.

We spent the entire day yesterday in travel, leaving our friend’s house in Barcelona just before seven in the morning, and getting in to the house here in Pyles on Karpathos a little before 10pm. I was a little dismayed to find the mattresses still in plastic when we arrived – I’d been warned,...
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