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Preparing for another BIG trip

Preparing for another BIG trip

We are getting ready for another big trip, this one for 6 months to the US. We’ll be spending 3-4 months of the time driving/camping, so we have a whole different set of things to figure out for this trip, from solar battery chargers for the phones etc, to what’s the best laptop/tablet etc...
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Getting passport photos for the kids

Back when we got Liam’s first passport, when he was about 18 months old, there were still lots of those little photography shops around, where you went to get your film developed. Camera films, remember those? Anyway, that’s also where you’d go to get your passport photo taken, and the staff pretty well knew...
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Flying with babies (and young children) – the car seat issue

So, we have not yet resolved the umbrella stroller issue (though I have had another recommendation of the Esprit Speed Sun Stroller, which certainly looks like a better stroller overall than the ones I was looking at yesterday, but over $100 – my theoretical limit – and also a bit bigger when folded), but...
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To Do List

Travel insurance! Must email our travel agent, Emma, for a quote, but from quick perusal of the brochure she gave us, NRMA looks better. Buy an umbrella stroller – last time we didn’t know what an umbrella stroller was, and the stroller we took was big enough it had to be “checked luggage” for...
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