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Guell Park, Barcelona. Photo Blog.

Guell Park, Barcelona. Photo Blog.

For me Park Guell was one of the highlights of Barcelona, though once again I was struck by the absence of park-like spaces the way we know them in Australia. You could sit on benches, including the beautiful mosaic benches shown below, but there were no big open grasses spaces to sit. There was...
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In Barcelona: The Sagrada Familia with Kids

Looking up in the Centre of the Church

Traveling with kids is definitely different to traveling without them. Of course that’s not news. And I’ve traveled with kids before, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I supposed I haven’t traveled to places where I want to behave like a tourist before – sightseeing. Today we went to the Sagrada Familia,...
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Barcelona, Catalona, Spain

rows of tables and chairs under arched ceiling in Barcelona outdoor cafes

Barcelona Atmosphere; Photo credit: Bert Kaufmann Related Posts:Guell Park, Barcelona. Photo Blog.In Barcelona: The Sagrada Familia with KidsTravel notes, Barcelona day 6What Are The Top 10 Things To Do In Barcelona, Spain?
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