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This blog is a spinoff from my main blog, narrating kayoz. There I blog about life in general and my three children in particular. This blog is solely a travel blog. In it I hope to not only document my family’s travels for the sake of our own memories and as postcards to those back home, but to record some of the tips and tricks we discover (and no doubt massive mistakes we make) of traveling with a family of 5.

When I began this blog in 2011, our family of five consisted of nine-year-old Liam, five-year-old Mikaela, and one-year-old Eliane, plus my husband Chris, and me, Kirsten. We were then in the planning stages for a two month trip which took us to Barcelona, a Greek island called Karpathos, New York City, Newark and the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, Berkeley and various other places in Northern California, and possibly Portland, Oregon.

Because Chris and I both have friends and family in the States (we live in Australia ourselves), we try to get over there on a semi regular basis. This was only our second trip since Liam was born though, and the first since we had more than one child.

Now, in 2014, all of us 3 years older, I am recording some details of our next trip, a big camping road trip across (or more precisely around) America. If you just want to read about this trip, click on the category  2014-15 Road Trip USA, in the menu bar, or to just follow the camping with kids stories, click on the tag, camping with kids.

A note on spelling:

The Australian/English way of writing ‘travelling’ is with the double ‘L’, which indicates that the last vowel sound is short (ie that there was no ‘magic E’ dropped when adding the ‘ing’). But, the American way is with a single ‘L’, and my iPhone, on which I am writing most of my posts while travelling (who needs an iPad?), auto corrected traveling to the American spelling. Half the people reading this are likely to be American, and half of our travels are there, so, I’ve decided to stop fighting it, and just use both spellings interchangeably on this site.

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